2023 Aurora Brewing Challenge

The 2023 Aurora Brewing Challenge (ABC) in Edmonton entry registration opened today for anyone interested.


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Ahh Riccardo… stop twisting my arm… :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the only way to defend the Club’s title.


Might submit something for this one!

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Just entered. Thanks for the heads-up!

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I’ve register 4 entries !

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Also, just in case anyone tracking the calendar, it appears that the Vancity Brewers competition, opening soon, will be limited to residents of BC only.

Hmm… How does that go if it’s a Canadian National BOTY Qualifier? @President do you know what are the exact rules?

I was thinking the same thing. I presume this competition wouldn’t qualify for BOTY.

I read it correctly…although its Vanbrewers and not Vancity, my bad.


I just emailed them. There seems to be conflicting information between the comp site and their homepage.


Vanbrewers fixed the text. The competition is open to all 19 and over. Account registration started today. Entry registration starts Monday.

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So, if I want to enter for my first competition (2 entries) how do I do that with you guys?

First step is to register in the competition and register/pay your entries. Make sure you choose MontreAlers as you Club when registering your account.

Entries are due there by June 7th, so I will plan to send our boxes on May 30th. If you want your beers in the box, please have them to me by Saturday, the 27th. You can drop them at Kahnawake Brewing, or at my place in Villeray (dm for details).

The way we’re running it is that you are responsible for registration and labeling, I will manage the packing, and the club will pick up the shipping.

Make sure you read the rules on the competition page (most are similar, but not all the same). If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Is the club sending entries for the Vanbrewers?

I think I will!

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I may have one ready. It’s cold crashing at the moment…

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I’m sending a couple but likely not in the club box with everyone else’s submissions (question de timing et déplacement).

Yeah me too i’m running out of time this week. I planned to bottle yesterday but thing didn’t go has expected.
Will check to send them separately