2023 Ales Open

Ales Open account registration has started. Competition in April


Lets go MontreAlers. World Domination can only be achieved one competition at a time.

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Hahaha! I love that spirit. Make sure you keep some bottles for the upcoming M.A.L.T. competition! An announcement should follow soon.


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Signed up.

Oui merci du tuyau, je suis inscrit. Me reste plus qu’à brasser…

Question niaiseuse: Pour les compétitions dans le ROC est-ce que le club envoie une boîte d’habitude ou tout le monde envoie ses petites boîtes séparées?

Tu vas être encore plus content de faire partie des Montrealers; le club s’organise avec l’expédition (et les frais).

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2 additional beers per person can be entered now.


I’ve got my 4 entries on the books!

The due date is Thursday, April 13th, with Easter the weekend before, so I am going to plan on shipping entries the Thursday before (April 6th). If you want yours included in the box, please get them to me no later than the 4th.

Also a reminder that the Canadian Brewer of the Year competition has gone back to its original format this year (most medal points earned in all the competitions), so get your entries in early and often!