2022 what are you brewing?

Hey ! Happy new year to all Montrealers.

So, looking for inspiration and maybe sharing recipe ideas
What are you planning to brew this winter ?

Here are mine so far, all new recipe to build from scratch :

  • Dunkelweizen
  • Baltic Porter
  • Dubbel

I have a pack of W-34/70 and a cold garage so I planned to brew an IPL next. On new year’s day I cooked up a British Strong Ale with dark maple syrup which will hopefully become a nice April treat.

Here’s my next 2 :

  • Brett IPA with Mothership Brett Blend from Escarpment Labs
  • California Common to be ready in spring

I recently listen to a MBAA podcast with Jester King’s Jeffrey Stuffings talking about Belgian table beer and how they make their Petit Prince. It got me really interested in brewing a low alcohol (mixed fermentation) refreshing beer for the future summer months. Jester King has the recipe of their Petit Prince online. It will be my inspiration. Might end up trying different bugs to explore further.

I picked up a vial of WLP618 - Saccharomycodes ludwigii, which is a “strain of non-conventional brewing yeast has been found to be useful when brewing a low alcohol beer” as it does not ferment maltose or more complex carbohydrates. This strain should be fun to play with and explore sub 1% ABV beers that can still punch some flavour. Lots of technical details to think about here.

@Yac.b’s dark mild from the Advent calendar spiked my interest in this specific style, so I might give it a shot.

And a smoked beer. I love drinking one from time to time, and Silo’s Sauriol is my goto at the moment. I never brewed one, so it will be time to experiment!

I’ll also try to make sure to keep a Czech pils or a Kölsch on tap at all time.

In summary:

  • Belgian table beer :white_check_mark:
  • Very low alcohol beer using S. ludwigii
  • Dark mild :white_check_mark:
  • Rauchbier
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Currently making a Vienna lager. Plan on trying out that new lallemand saison yeast and play more with philly sour yeast

Don’t worry too much about keeping W-34/70 cold. I’ve brewed the same German Pils/Munich Lager recipe using that yeast cold (8-12) and not so cold (14-16) and the beer turned out the same. Very forgiving yeast for that.


Busy holiday for me, managed to get an Amber Lager and Kolsch done and a 1-gallon of my very first Stout.

I have 3 packets of Kveik, I’m looking for ideas on types of beer and advice on whether to start them in the winter with a heating band or wait until the summer when the house is above 25C.

California common, avec une levure de lager ?

Une “hybride” je dirais : Cablecar - L05 (Lager Yeast) | Imperial Yeast

C’est la premiere fois que j’utilise des produits Imperial Yeast. J’ai fais une IPA avec la Dry Hop A24 et je suis bien content du produit final.

Intéressant ! Ma peut-être bien l’essayer la L05.
J’aime bien imperial.
L17 - Harvest lager foncé superbe
A38 - Juice pour les NEIPA superbe.
G01 pour les weizen, mehhh… pas tant.


Just started fermenting a Dunkel recently. My first decoction mash ever, it was quite the mess :no_mouth:.

Next I’ll be trying a pale ale using Lallemand’s Kolsch yeast.

Tomorrow I will brew my first batch of Oatmeal Stout.

Avec mon Grainfather, pu jamais je fais des decoctions… messy… J’utilise du Melanoidin à la place.

J’ai brassé une Dry Stout au jour de l’an pour que ce soit prêt pour la St-Patrick.

J’ai pas mal de Maris Otter, alors j’ai l’intention d’essayer la recette de Red Ale de @kurthoughton qui a remporté un prix au Cowtown Yeast Wranglers.

J’ai un sachet de Verdant IPA qui expire en février, je vais me brasser une petite blonde à 3% ABV 100% MO aussi.

Après je vais probablement brasser :

  • German Pils ou Italian Pils
  • Saison
  • Cali Common
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Just this morning, I was listening to a MBAA podcast specifically addressing the issue.

I am not a MBAA member, so I can’t access the presentation containing the results of the experiment conducted by Fermentis, but the findings are summarized in the podcast.

TL;DR, you shouldn’t see much difference in the flavour profile, whatever the fermentation temperature (between 12 and 20 °C) if you ferment at “standard” density (12 °P) using the recommended pitch rate (80 - 120 g/hl, or a homebrew size pack of dry yeast per 10 litres of wort). No oxygenation required.

Thanks Norm. I only have 2 environments to ferment in right now, a 10C garage and a 21C house so I’ll at least start in the garage and maybe let it free rise next to a cold window indoors after a few days.

That would be my strategy as well if I were you: 10 °C for 10-14 days (fermentation should be almost done by then), then bring close to room temp for 2-3 days prior to lagering.

I assume you are referring to the 34/70 yeast here. I have a pilsner fermenting right now at 13 degrees. I only used one pack of 34/70 though for 20 liters. It seems to be chugging along nicely and had a fairly quick start. Should I have used 2 packs of yeast? Also, when you say to bring up to room temperature for 2-3 days before lagering - what temp do you lager at? And how long? What happens if it completely ferments out before you get a chance to raise the temp. Is there a way to get rid of the diacetyl after that? This is only my second lager.

It’s been more than a year since my last oatmeal stout. That’ll probably be coming up in the next week or two. I’ve been wanting to brew a Saison for a while, so that’ll probably follow in February, but I haven’t done enough research yet to decide on just what style I want to brew.

I have plenty of grains and hops to choose from, so a part of my self-imposed challenge is to brew without buying any new ingredients (unless there’s something really specific that can’t easily be substituted).