2022 Bourbon Barrel Second Fill

I guess just like making any sugary treat or candy there are different approaches, techniques and recipes. One thing is certain, they all use that Soft/Hard Ball, Soft/Hard Crack reference to determine to what temperature you need to bring the syrup before cooling it off. I seem to remember that it was pretty easy to control my gas stove to keep it in the 260-275F range for as long as I wanted in terms of darkening it. From my understanding, the Maillard effect is mostly heat dependant and pH shouldn’t be an issue. But I’m no scientist, so WTF do I know. ?? :smiley:

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Hi all. I’m all for making out own candi sugar, but for consistency sake, I suggest we do a group buy on some 25kg pails of candi syrup. I’ve also had good success with using the rock form of the dark candi sugar.

I have brewed a beer very similar to the Westvleteren 12 recipe that @Albert posted above and have always had good results. However, I never used WLP530 as suggested, but have used the following yeasts instead:

  • WLP510
  • Wyeast 3522
  • Wyeast 3864-PC
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I’m interested in a group buy of candi syrup if it’s not too complicated and the recipe linked (or a similar tested alternative) works for me.
What’s the best way to confirm who’s participating and what volume they can contribute so we can confirm all this and move forward with a target brew date? The barrel has been full for almost 4 weeks. We need to get the next beer ready to avoid the Stout absorbing too much oak and not leaving much for the next brew.

Do you want to participate in the next barrel fill? We will be brewing a Belgian Dark Strong, most likely similar to this recipe?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please answer before Sunday June 5.

Assuming we will each contribute 19 litres (5 gallons), we will need 12 participants. Please comment if you plan on brewing more (or less) volume.

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I can brew up to 40L if we’re short on participants.

The recipe look basic to me, but if the result is great, why not.

I can also brew up to 60L if required.

I don’t want to say “no” but depending on how it works out with acquiring the ingredients and the date we need it ready, I may not be able to make it work with my work schedule.

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8 participants so far. Ideally we’d have 3-4 more. Anyone?
@ericpare & @IanCB , est ce que c’est une question de recette qui limitent l’intérêt d’y participer?

Non, le temps. Je pars en vacances pour 1 mois.

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Même chose pour moi : le temps…

J’ai de la difficulté à trouver du temps pour brasser!

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Suggestion : Have the Quad ready for early September ? Barrel will be 4 months old at that time.

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Works for me. @IanCB & @ericpare, toujours intéressés?

@PatLalonde t’as toujours assez de bière du imperial stout pour assurer que la baril reste plein? À voir ce qu’on perd au courant de l’été.

Oui, il reste 3 keg et demi de imperial stout

J’ai manqué le sondage, mais j’embarque pour le 2e baril!!

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Si il faut que la biere soit prete pour septembre, j’embarque.