2022 Apple juice for cider, Graff, etc

Maybe many others also got this email from the Bootlegger in Baie d’Urfé, but figured I’d share. I reserved 23L this morning. If you’re interested, email them (info@cachettedubootlegger.ca). They will sell out.

It’s Cider Season!

We have, for the 14th consecutive year, an opportunity to obtain some fresh apple juice for cider making from Quinn Farm. We will be getting a delivery of freshly pressed apple juice for Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.

Important - Please read carefully:

Since we do receive a limited amount of juice, and we quickly sell out every year, if you are interested you MUST PRE-ORDER your quantity as soon as you can and you must also make sure that you are available to pick-up your juice at the store on Saturday, October 22nd, from 10 am to 3 pm. Since this juice is not pasteurized, we cannot keep some for you to pick-up on another day.

You will also have to bring your own container to be filled at the store (primary fermenter and lid or plastic carboy, etc. - a graduated or marked container). If you need to purchase a primary fermenter on that day, please let us know when you place your order so that we can make sure to have one in stock for you.

Here are this year’s prices:

If you buy 1 to 14 litres: $2.55/litre

If you buy 15 litres or more: $2.50/litre

Please specify how many litres you would like to get.

As for the yeast, we have 3 options to suggest:

  1. A liquid yeast specifically for cider (Wyeast 4766) at $12.00
  2. A dried yeast specifically for cider (Cider House Select) at $6.95
  3. A dried Champagne yeast (Lalvin EC-1118) at $1.50

Please let us know with your cider order which yeast, if any, you would like since we will have a limited amount of these available.

If you are interested in making cider with this quality juice, please let us know at your earliest convenience and we will then confirm with you on or before October 15th.

To resume:

  • You must reserve ASAP.
  • You must be available on October 22nd, between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • You must let us know how many litres and which yeast (if any) you would want.
  • Please include your phone number and email address when placing your order.
  • And don’t forget to bring your container on the 22nd.


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