2021 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers Homebrew Roundup

1ere competition de l’année.

Date d’inscription : 14 janvier, 10:00am (EST)
2 entrées par participant et possibilité d’ajouter 1 entrée additionnelle par semaine
3 bouteilles par entrée (au lieu de 2 dans le passé)
Cout : 8$ par entrée
Deadline pour la reception des bouteilles, 14 février
Deadline pour l’envoie de nos bouteilles (membre seulement) par le club, 3 février chez Sam (Villeray)

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Oh yesss! J’ai justement une gagnante qui va être prête cette semaine!!

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Comment est-ce que ça fonctionne pour le transport ? Tu fais ça incognito via Postes Canada ? (je demande pour un ami)

Does the club have any plans to faciliate participation like last year?

A priori oui, le transport serait assumé par le club. Détails à venir


Oui @Norm. Je participe depuis 2017 et j’ai jamais eu un colis qui n’a pas été livré.

Ben moi ça m’est arrivé. J’avais payé pour livraison 2 jours pis mes bières sont arrivées une semaine plus tard faque j’ai loupé la compétition.

Mais ça n’a rien à voir avec le fait que c’était de la bière.

I can confirm that the club will assume entries packaging and transportation costs. Please bring your entries to Sam Leitkam’s place (Villeray) by friday February 5th so they can arrive in Calgary before the February 14th deadline. Let’s win some medals Montrealers!

Je confirme que l’envoi des échantillons sera pris en charge par le club. SVP apportez vos échantillons chez Sam Leitkam (Villeray) au plus tard le vendredi 5 février afin de respecter la date limite du 14 février pour l’arrivée des échantillons à Calgary. Participez en grand nombre!


Yup, just contact me for the address and/or to arrange a drop. president@montrealers.ca

Also, a reminder: These events typically get their registrations filled up quickly. Add on to that there hasn’t been a competition in a while, more people have the flexibility to be at home ready to swipe a spot, and there are only 250 beers being accepted, and I imagine you’ll need to be ready to go tomorrow morning to get your beers registered before the window closes.

The registration is not to bad. 2019 was crazy but since they capped entries for the first week, it help. As of 10:16am, 62 entries (50 paid)

Je me suis inscrit. Première expérience de compétition pour moi !

@President I just emailed you for the drop off address.

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Am I the only one that can’t find the club in the drop down list? Are we ALERS?

I used the “Other” option and wrote MontreAlers.


Same. My entried is accepted and paid. First time I’ve entered a beer in a competition.


@vicepresident @President

Which carrier are you going to use ?

Regular parcel (cheapest) from Canada Post is 7 business days. There’s a chance that it won’t make it on time.
ExpressPost is guarantee 3 business days but it is 3 times the price of the regular.

And we don’t want our bottles to freeze during the shipping.

I may be able to source (used - and free) styrofoam box(es) that could help for insulation.

I was told the club assumed Expresspost last year as well.

Yeah, I feel like it used to be 5 business days for the regular rate, but it would get there in two. I’m sure everything has gotten slower. Either they adjusted or I misremembered. My apologies.

We have done express post in the past but will try to avoid the extra charges if possible. That being said, if you can get the entries to me before the afternoon of Wednesday Feb. 3rd, I will mail them that day (and make it in the 7 day delivery window).

@Norm Thank you for the offer. I may take you up on it in the future, but for now I already have some insulated boxes stashed in my basement that I’m planning to use


Also, update as of 14h00, the count is up to 122 of 250 paid entries, so there is still room for people to register if you haven’t yet.

The Best-In-Show spot has already been taken though… I just registered it for myself :wink:

I doubt that. :smile:

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