2021 Canadian Brewer of the Year Invitational - Results

Here’s the results of the invitational :

2021 Canadian Brewer of the Year Invitational - Brew Competition Online Entry & Management

Sam got the 1st place Best of Show!

Gratz Sam!

Les MontreAlers ont remportés 7 médailles : 2 Or, 1 argent et 4 bronze


  • With Love To John Holl (Rauchbier) - Or (1st place BoS)


  • Chaotic Saison (Saison) - Or
  • Twisted IPA (Brett beer) - Argent
  • Maze (Cream Ale) - Bronze


  • Munich Dunkel - Bronze
  • Scottish Ale 80 (Scottish Ale 80) - Bronze
  • Petit Jus NEIPA - Bronze

On remet ca à l’année prochaine!


Awesome! Great job Sam. Congratulations!

Congrats Sam!!

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Kudos everyone! It’s great to see the club on the big stage.

Fantastic Job Gentlemen. Congrats to all of you!

@President Contrats for taking best of show.
@ericpare & @Patrick Congrats of doing so well.

Way to go guys!

Thank you guys for all the kind words! It was an absolute pleasure to represent the club and bring home a big medal.

Big congrats to Eric and Patrick as well! Way to represent yourselves and our club!

Also, by my count, the MontreAlers came in 4th in “Club of the Year” with our 7 medals. Headhunters Brew Club out of Saskatoon tied us in points with one less medal, but we take the tiebreaker on BoS.

Moving up!


Félicitations à tous les gagnants, vous avez relevé le défi avec brio. Vous faites honneur aux Montrealers!

Congrats to all the winners!
Maybe we’ll get to try some of these in the advent calendar? :thinking:

That was challenging and super fun ! Thanks @Riccardo for giving me your spot to represent our club.
Congrats Sam and Eric !

It was my pleasure and I was very happy to hear that you made the most of it by winning 3 medals!

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Combien il y avait de participants?

24 participants, 9 clubs, 135 entrées