2021 Brasserie Labrosse - Concours biere maison

La brasserie Labrosse organise un concours pour les brasseurs amateurs.

Merci Tara pour le partage!

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Go go go MontreAlers!

Nice find, Tara!

Here is the text for anyone that doesn’t have Facebook:

L’équipe de Labrosse est ravie d’annoncer le concours de bière maison! Les participants auront la chance de gagner une carte-cadeau Labrosse de 100 $ et la chance de collaborer à une bière spéciale Labrosse.

Pour vous inscrire, veuillez envoyer un courriel

alex@labrosse.com et fournissez les détails suivants:


•Numéro de téléphone


•Type de bière

•Expérience de brassage

•Méthode de brassage

*Les produits finaux doivent être soumis avant le 1er mai. Plus de détails à suivre.

The Labrosse team is excited to announce the home brew contest! Participants will have the opportunity to win a $100 Labrosse gift card and the chance to collaborate on a special Labrosse brew.

To register, please email alex@labrosse.com and provide the following details:


•Phone number


•Type of beer

•Brewing experience

•Brewing method

*Final products must be submitted by May 1st. More details to follow.

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Petit update. J’ai brassé ma bière gagnante (German Pils) hier avec Dan. Ca ete une méchante belle journée! En principe, elle sera disponible apres le 12 juillet. Bien hâte de partager ca avec vous au meeting mensuel.



Eric - Do you know if this is going to be distributed? If not, we may have to pick some extras up from the brewery and do a little self-distro in the next bottle exchange…

I don’t know. I rarely purchase beer from depanneur. Anyone seen any Labrosse beers at Peluso or any other specialised beer place?

For sure, it will be canned on july 12. I’m invited to go see the process (and buy a 24 pack of it, hahaha)


This is it folks, here’s my can :

Can’t wait to pick them up!


I am looking forward to giving it a try. Congrats Eric!

that’s nice !! congrats

Looking nice! Have you had a chance to taste it along the way, or the finished product? Does it stand up to the original?

Finished product only. The aroma was fatastic while filling the can and it taste like mine. Super happy

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The launch day will be next saturday (July 17th). I might be there in the afternoon if you want to join.

Directly at Labrosse ?

I might drop by late afternoon to pickup some. (saturday)

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Vraiment cool Éric, encore bravo!

I tasted this tonight and the commercial version is very close to your homebrew version, congrats and thanks for letting me try both. :slightly_smiling_face:



Je la trouve plus amère que la mienne. Surement dû au whirlpool / transfert. 850 vs 20 litres, c’est pas le meme temps.