1st go at all grain - New Zealand Pilsner

I’ve just started the fermentation on my 1st go with all grain. So far I’ve hit all my numbers (but forgot to add the Protafloc, ah well…). It’s a New Zealand Pilsner style. Going with a traditional lager profile fermentation so it will be about a month before I take it for a test drive. I overhauled my whole fermentation setup and am now off-gassing to a corny filled with sanitizer. Will do a closed transfer when it’s time for kegging. Now the waiting game begins! A little concerned that i used only one packet of SafLager W-34/70 as it seems many opt for 2 packets for 5 gallon batches…we will see…

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Nice! It should be alright with a single pack. Use two next time :wink:

I like your idea of off gassing into a corny keg in order to purge it.

Where are the New Zealand hops in your recipe?

For sure two next time…I was debating putting off the brew day but screw it. I oxygenated the wort like crazy so hopefully the yeast will get busy… No NZ hops unfortunately. It’s more the style/profile vs the actual ingredients…I subbed for easy to get domestic stuff. Next time i might go full authentic though!

So it took a little over 24 hrs but the fermentation ramped up quick after that. Just over 3 days in and have already purged the whole corny keg of sanitizer with the off gassing CO2. One packet looks like it will do the trick nicely.

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