100th Batch

Howdy all. Just wanted to share my joy at brewing my 100th batch of beer (first was October 2016) and thank everyone in the club for making it a fun and helpful community. I’m brewing my solo version of the Russian Imperial Stout that went into the barrel - those are oak spirals soaking in bourbon and DME is not cheating! :slight_smile: Cheers, Marc.


Congrats Marc!

Wow! I wish one day I’ll reach that number. Congratulations on achieving that milestone. And I’m looking forward to tasting your version side by side with ours. Cheers!

Congratulations, I started almost the same time- November 2016 and I am only at 54

I brew 10L batches so we’re probably around the same total volume. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome Marc! I hope to get a chance to try your stout.

I’m impressed that people are tracking their batches. I have no idea how many I’ve made beyond a really really rough estimate.

I started using Beersmith right away so I’ve got everything logged in there.

Evidently I’m not using beersmith correctly. I’ll have to dig a little deeper into its functions.

I think Beersmith has as many ways of using it as there are users. I’ve never tried the “versions” functionality, maybe that’s your approach? I create a new recipe for each batch and put the batch number in the name.

I also create a new recipe for each batch, but they’re dated, not numbered. Probably like most brewers, my recipes tend to change a little each time based on what I have on hand and what’s available to purchase. After a hard drive failure, I lost a lot of recipes (and the history of these brews) so I’ve started paying a beersmith annual subscription. Having regular updates, access to the web recipe editor on my phone/computer etc. and cloud backup has been convenient.

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That’s what I do too.

I use Save Report in Beersmith and I prefix the recipe name with the batch number. I can repeat the exact same recipe and just give it a new batch number when I save it. I started entering my batches in a log book in September 1993, that’s how I know my current batch number.

Congrats Marc that’s really cool!

Well… I just realized that i’m just over 100 batches too since Feb 2016 when I bought my grainfather.
I’m at 98 with the Grainfather, I have 3 recipes saved for future brew day.
Gratz Marc!

I’ve brew my 100th batch yesterday ! 60L of sweet stout.
Started in March 2020’. I’ve been pretty intense in the first two years, a bit too much.
I’ve slow down now, doing more fine-tuning of my process, enjoying collab and sharing with all of you.
This club is definitely a highlight of this fun hobby !


Congratulations Patrick :beer:

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