10/3 NMD90 For Control Panel Wiring

Hi all,

Anyone know where I can get this at a good price locally? HD is charging $10.83 + tax per metre, so was just curious to know if there are alternatives. Or perhaps someone has some left over from a previous job and is willing to sell? I am looking for ~20m.




Have you had a look at CANAC?

This is by far the best with the best prices that I have found for construction material.


Hey Mike,

Thanks! I never think of them, prob because they are a bit further from me here in St. Bruno than HD, Rona (but not by much). But no kidding on the price! They are charging $6.63 + tax per metre:

Thanks for the heads up!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Ever since they opened in St-Hubert, it is my go to place.

I might be doing likewise now :grinning: Thanks again.


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