Masque MontreAlers Mask

Hi MontreAlers,

We would like to announce that we have added some new merchandise to our store, MontreAlers masks. Each mask purchased includes free shipping.

So, check out our store at

Salut MontreAlers,

Nous tenons à annoncer que nous avons ajouté de nouvelles marchandises à notre magasin, les masques MontreAlers. Chaque masque acheté comprend la livraison gratuite.

Donc, consultez notre magasin à

Double or triple layer? (I don’t really care, I’m asking for a “friend”.) :wink:

@DenisB They are double layer.

Buy two and get a quadruple layer!

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If we order club merchandise, where do we pick-up?

@Riccardo All the merch is stored at my home in Saint-Hubert (J3Y). At the moment I go to the office in Montréal once in awhile so we can arrange some sort of meet.